One – Ed Sheeran

b (Giáng) # (Thăng)

  • Bài hát: One
  • Ca sỹ: Ed Sheeran
  • Điệu:Điệu Ballad
    Giáng (b)
    Hợp âm: D
    Thăng (#)

    (Tăng cỡ chữ)
    x2 (Nhân đôi lời)

    Capo 4 
    [D] Tell me that you turned down the man 
    Who asks for [A] your [Bm] hand 
    Caus' you're waiting [G] for [D] me 
    [D] And I know, you're gonna be away a while, 
    But I've got [A] no [Bm] plans at all [G] to [D] leave 
    And would you [A] take away my [G] hopes and dreams 
    And just [Em] stay with [G] me [A] oooh 
    [D] All my senses come to life 
    While I am [D] stumbling home as drunk as I 
    Have [Bm] ever been, and I'll never leave [A] again 
    Cause [G] you are the only [A] one 
    [D] And all my friends have gone to find 
    Another [D] place to let their hearts collide 
    [Bm] Just promise me you'll always be a [A] friend 
    Cause [G] you are the only[A] one 
    [D] Take my hand and my 
    heart and soul [A] I [Bm] will 
    Only have these [G] eyes for [D] you 
    [D] You know everything changes 
    But we'll be [A] strangers[Bm]  
    If we see [G] this [D] through. 
    And you could [A] stay within these [G] walls and bleed 
    But just [Em] stay with [G] me [A]  
    [G] I'm stumbling off [D] drunk 
    Getting myself [A] lost 
    I am so [Bm] gone, 
    So tell [A] me the way [G] home 
    I listen to sad [D] songs, singing about [A] love 
    And where it goes wrong 
    [Bm A G]  
    [Bm A G]  
    [Bm A G]  

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