MOJITO ( ENGLISH VERSION ) – Jay Chou Châu Kiệt Luân – Hợp âm Am – Simon Au,

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Tone [Am]

Excuse me,[Dm] brother, [E] make my lover a [Am] mojito
I like [Dm] the way the fragrance [E] brings out [A] her perfume
As for my [Dm] coffee, no need for [C] sugar
The world is [Bm] sweet enough when she is in the [E] room
There's no [Dm] cigar that could [E] be richer than [Am] her smile
So please don’t [Dm] waste your time, I don't want one, [Am] thank you
Like the graffiti [Dm] in the old [C] city
Without a word [Bm] she makes [E] my world so [Am] colourful
This love's [E] unending, doesn't matter [Am] where you're heading
Wherever you [E] go, you know I’ll be [Am] there too
The neon shop [Dm] signs light up the [C] skyline
At night this city [E] writes its serenade [Am] for you
Under the street [Dm] lamps, Havana [C] romance
Come, take my [Bm] hand and join me [E] in this dance [Am] for two

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