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Ở đây là một sự tuyên bố đầy thú vị từ hôm nay! Hãy tạo dựng một cuộc sống đầy bản sắc với “Lyrics Black Dre” – tác phẩm âm nhạc kích thích người đọc với sự kết hợp mới mẻ từ TRF. Hãy chuẩn bị sẵn sàng cho những #giaiđiệu tuyệt vời và những #lờinhạc sắc sảo, để đắm chìm trong cảm xúc và đi theo những câu chuyện sâu lắng. Đừng bỏ lỡ cơ hội khám phá những điều tuyệt vời từ tác phẩm #âmnhạc này ngay hôm nay!

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Black Dre – TRF
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Black Dre – TRF
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The roof on fire, the coupe on fire
I spit like tooth on pliers, I really admire
Them benzes jumped a long way from the benches, the trenches
They top 10 I’m never mentioned but

Slidin’ to some YBO, I’m draped in all black
Youngin got hit on the Ave, I had to fall back
Cracker cops wanna lynch us all cuz we all black
Black turned nothing into something, what you call that

No comparison, we are not the same
They drop one video, never see em again
Been rapping 3 yеars & leveled up in thе game
You been rapping 10 years my nigga that shit’s a shame

You should hang it up
You wavin’ guns on the gram what you gon bang or what?
Cuz most the killers that I know ain’t never saying much
It’s get fast, you get to break, and look he laying up
With 1 second on the clock my shooter came in clutch

You got me in that mode now
Tilghman with the Palm Angels shit is so foul
Asian model but she keep a low profile
Hit it with the Trojan you would think I played in SoCal

I go wild, so salute me when you see me, uh
Glass of white wine, yeah, Shrimp Fettuccine
Poolside lounging, women running in bikinis
This one for the dead homies dog I’m wishin they could see me

Sergio Tichini
Shotgun in the beamy, bumpin old Beanie
Puffing Silver Haze, until the foreign turn steamy
Your little sister play my songs and say, “He’s so dreamy”
My body cut my weight is up I am no preemie

Chandon til I overdose, Hibachi til I comatose
White gold, big cross like I know the Pope
Hang high cousin know the ropes

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Black Dre – TRF
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