Frustrating – Hop Am Chuan

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[D]I know, I’ve been so away and in between

Of where [Bm]we created and my heart

Cause there’s a hole where I used to write your name

I [D]guess, we were never meant to stay

All [Bm]the memories fade away

Let’s face it nothing ever last forever [D]


[Bm]Your eyes take me away

I [A]realize that I should let you go and

[D]You were the one I need

Falling 2000 [Bm]feets

The thing you said “I hope you [A]feel the same way”


[D]I know it’s so frustrating to the back of my mind

[Bm]She turned away too many times before

[A]We’ve been too complicated, where’re you going lately

[G]Keep inside, the shatter of my head

[A]So she said this is good[D]bye


[D]Give baby give it back

[Bm]We’ll never be the same

[D]We take it deep inside all [A]over and over and


[D]Please keep the feeling strong

[Bm]Our ghost is haunting me

[D]More than anything, [A]I’ll miss you, forever

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