Boy bi – Mad – Hợp âm F – Mad Tsai,

b (Giáng) # (Thăng)


tone [F]

When my friends [Bb] ask me bout [C] my
I [Fmaj7] choke up and joke that the
[Dm] answer’s not easy
Like I’m [Bb] watching a Disney movie and
the [C] couple get’s it on
But [Fmaj7] who should I look at is it [Dm]
Shane or Mulan?
I like [Bb] boys and girl but [C] I still
Don’t know why
I [Fmaj7] couldn’t get either one if
[Dm] I really try
I’m [Bb] swiching my preference like an
[C] on and off switch
If I [Fmaj7] had a dime
for every [Dm] crush i’ve had
I’ll be rich
Like boy bi [Bb]
Girls hi [C]
New guys [Fmaj7]
I’m bi? [Dm]
I cry [Bb]
Every time [C]
I try [Fmaj7]
To decide [Dm]

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