Back To Your Heart – Backstreet Boys –

b (Giáng) # (Thăng)

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  • Bài hát: Back To Your Heart – Backstreet Boys
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  • Điệu: Giáng (b)
    Hợp âm:
    Thăng (#)

    (Tăng cỡ chữ)
    x2 (Nhân đôi lời)


    [B] –3—————————3–3–

    [G] -2———————————-

    [D] 0———————————–

    Verse 1:

    [D] [A/C#]
    It”s not that I can”t live without you
    [G] [Em] [A] [D]
    It”s just that I don”t even want to try
    [A/C#] [C]
    Every night I dre am ab out you
    [Em] [A] [G]
    Ever since the day we said goodbye
    [D/F#] [Em]
    If I wasn”t such a fool
    [D] [G]
    Right now I”d be holding you
    [D/F#] [C]
    There”s nothing that I wouldn”t do
    [Asus4] [A]
    Baby if I only knew


    [D] [Bm]
    The words to say
    The road to take
    [A] [D]
    To find a way back to your heart
    What can I do
    To get to you
    And find a way back to your…heart



    [B] –3————————–3-3—-

    [G] -2———————————-

    [D] 0———————————–

    I don”t know how it got so crazy

    But I”ll do anything to set things right

    Cos your love is so amazing

    Baby you”re the best thing in my life

    Let me prove my love is real

    And make you feel the way I feel

    I promise I would give the world

    If only you would tell me girl



    [G] [D/F#] [Em] [D]
    Give me one more chance, to gi ve my love to you
    [G] [D/F#] [C] [Asus4] [A]
    Cos no one on this earth loves you l ike I do …. .. tell me

    (Chorus1) but change last line to:
    [G] [A] [E]
    And find a way b ack … to your heart


    [E] [C#m]
    I turn back time
    To make you mine
    [B] [E]
    And find a way back to your heart
    I beg and plead
    Fall to my knees
    To find a way back to your heart



    ………………………back to your heart


    [B] ——–5-5-5-4-4-4p2—————————0—

    [G] ——1—————4-2———————-1—-

    [D] –2-4—————————————–2—–

    [A] -2——————————————-2——

    [E] 0——————————————-0——-

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