A Time For Us – Andy Williams

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  • Bài hát: A Time For Us
  • Ca sỹ: Andy Williams
  • Điệu:Điệu Boston Giáng (b)
    Hợp âm: Am
    Thăng (#)

    (Tăng cỡ chữ)
    x2 (Nhân đôi lời)

    [Am] A time for [Em] us someday there'll [F] be 
    When chains are [Em] torn 
    By courage [Dm] born of a love that's [Am] free 
    A time when [Em] dreams so long de- [F] nied 
    Can [Dm] flou- [Em] rish as [Am] we unveil the love 
    We now [Em] must [Am] hide 
    Chorus: A [C] time for [G] us at [Dm] last to [Am] see 
    A [Bb] life worth- [F] while for [Em] you and [Am] me 
    And with our [Em] love through tears and [F] thorns 
    We will end- [Em] ure 
    As we pass [Dm] surely through every [Am] storm 
    A time for [Em] us someday there'll [F] be 
    A [Dm] new [Em] world 
    A [Am] world of shining hope for you [Em] and [Am] me 

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